The Balloon Flying Ships #2


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Painting collage size 150 * 100, painted in 2020 with aryl paints and pastels. I like to draw fantastic pictures. This is my style flying ships. You can look at this picture for a long time. It is a special kind of fabulous. Pleasant to the eye. The longer you look the more you find something new for yourself. It is my favourite picture. This picture will fit well into any interior. The canvas is stretched on a stretcher and you can easily hang it on your wall. It will immediately add perfection to your interior and a good mood every day. It can be a hall, a children’s room, a kitchen, an office hall or a studio. The picture pleases the eyes and inspires you. Looking at it for a long time you relax and enjoy.

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Vira Chernetska



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Canvas, acryl, pastel, newspaper

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