Price Breakdown

Being a non-profit project, we believe it’s important to be transparent about how we operate. The success of Art for Wildlife depends on 3 parties working together. The artist, the buyer and the platform. 

The buyer supports the artist, allowing him to create more work. Buying an artwork is also a donation to wildlife, so the buyer accepts to pay a little bit more than he would normally do. The artist who sells its work on Art for Wildlife, can decide to accept a lower than normal net price, using his creativity to donate to wildlife. And we at Art for Wildlife run the platform with volunteers and charge a minimum fee to cover te costs of the payment provider (1,5% + fixed cost), website hosting, development, etc.

And only because we all make an effort, this can succeed.

So here’s how the price breaks down:

The NET price of $840 is then split between the artist (65%), wildlife conservation (30%) and the platform (5%) as follows.