Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find answers to questions we receive. This section is updated frequently, but if there’s still something unanswered that you like to know, then feel free to contact us.

What is Art for Wildlife

Art for Wildlife is an online art gallery and auction platform to promote artists and support wildlife conservation at the same time. Artists can get exposure and sell their work through Art for Wildlife. The commission that would normally go to the art gallery, goes to wildlife conservation projects that are supported through our parent company Izindlovu Fund.


When will Art for Wildlife start

The official launch is planned around July 2021. Meanwhile we are onboarding artists and building the platform.


How can artists participate

Any artist who likes to join can submit a request and we will review their application. 


What will an Artist page look like

Here you can see a fictitious example of an Artist called Jane Doe from Japan.


How many artworks can an artist list

There is no strict limit on the number of artworks that can be listed. However, in collaboration with the artist, Art for Wildlife will determine which work to list and at what price.


Who handles storage and shipping of the artworks

All artwork stays with the artist. Once a piece is sold, we will notify the artist and he/she will take care of the shipping to the buyer.


Why only 100 artists now

Onboarding the artists and their work takes a lot of time. We will try to onboard as many as possible, but probably will not be able to register more than 100 artists before launch due to practical reasons. But more artists will be accepted once the platform is up and running.


How is the sale price distributed

While most art galleries charge 40-50%, Art for Wildlife only asks 35% from the artist. From these 35%, 30% goes directly to Wildlife Projects and 5% is used to run the platform.


Why does the platform take 5% commission

While it is our goal to pass on as much as possible to Wildlife Conservation Projects, a small commission is necessary to operate the platform and cover the costs.