Paulo Valle


Paulo Valle – Plastic Artist Plastic artist, sculptor, painter and stylist, graduated in Visual Arts / sculpture by the Federal University of Goiás, Brazil, in 1994.

Master in Art, Heritage and Theory of Restoration by the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon in 2017 with the theme Hélio Oiticica and the jump to a new pictorial space, advisor Dr. Pedro Lapa.

During his artistic career, he held collective and individual shows in Brazil.

1992 – XXIV Arts Festival – Gremi, Inhumas Go; 1993 – V Arte Viva, Art Museums of Goiânia, Go;  1993 – XXV Arts Festival – Gremi, Inhumas Go; 1994 – V Salão OAB, Goiânia Go; 1995 – Essências, Galeria Frei Nazareno Confaloni, Goiânia Go; 1996 – IV BEG Award, Museum of Contemporary Art, Goiânia and 1997 – XX New Values ​​Competition, Fundação Jaime Câmara, Goiânia Go. Details, 1993, at Flicts Livraria & Galeria, Goiânia Go, in addition to other painting techniques more indicated in the Figures , Antônio Sibasoly Gallery, Anápolis Go – 1991; Casa de Cora Coralina, Goiás. – 1994; The Joy of all things – 1999. In Florianópolis, Beiramar Shopping- 2000 and Flores I don’t know the name, Cor Galeria-2012, Metamorfose, Hugo Atelier -2013 and Floripa Shopping- 2014.

In Lisbon he opened exhibitions in 2015. Individuals, Metamorphosis, at the Library of the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, Collection at LxFactory and Collective at Giv Lowe, with Cromassomos.

In 2016 he launched the plasticized interrelations project, next to the Faculty of Letters and in the building of the Rectory of the University of Lisbon. He participated in the creation and production of costumes for the aerial acrobatics shows: Pinocchio and Pecas, Teatro da Luz, Armazém A (é) rio.

In 2017, DISSECAR Project, objects and installations. Unidac Cultural Unit; Collective exhibition #momentos, atmosphere m atmosphere, Lisbon and costumes for the show Beginning, Armazém A (é) rio, Fundação Gulbenkian.

In 2019 individual exhibition My trash is your existence, in the space atmosphere m, Lisbon, as a project selected for artistic residency at Festival A Salto, in Elvas and 24h artistic residency, Oeiras, Portugal. Invited speaker to present topics such as Hélio Oiticica and the jump to a new pictorial space at the III Luso-Brazilian Colloquium of Olivais, in 2017 and My trash is its existence (The displacement of the object in the History of Modern and Contemporary Art) in the IV Luso-Brazilian International Colloquium (CILB) XXIV Eça de Queiroz / Telheiras Colloquium in 2018.


Graduated in Visual Arts, he has extensive experience in Sculpture, objects, painting and installations. He served as a stylist, costume designer and set designer.


Honorable Mention in Batik, IX University Contest UFG – 1992; Best Costume Design, The Castle of Mulumi, III Festival Theater of Goiás, Anápolis, 1994; Honorable Mention in Batik, I Hall of Itumbiara, Itumbiara, 1996; Honorable Mention in Painting, Prize V BEG Award, Goiânia, 1997; Wake-up Fashion, Guest Stylist, Floripa Fashion Donna DC, Florianópolis, 2008 and Cow Parade Florianópolis, Vaca Dourada, Florianópolis, 2011.


Artist Name: Paulo Valle
: Lisboa
Country: Portugal
Date of Birth: November 17, 1970


Master in Art History, University of Lisbon


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