Marina Kaverinskih


Marina Kaverinskih is a Russian artist and psychic reader. She makes her paintings on canvas with acrylics, a bright and environmentally friendly medium. Some of her paintings are accompanied by healing meditation. When creating a picture for a person, she takes into account their own life situation, beliefs, and the structure of their body’s energy.

After graduating from art school and working for 15 years in the interior design field, she began studying ancient spiritual practices, radiant and theta healing, performing it at a professional level for over 9 years. Now, these skills allow her to bring positive vibrations into her artworks to make them more peaceful. She has her own studio in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where she paints every day. Traveling, nature and the Law of Life itself are her best inspiration. In her dreams and during meditation, she sees the images that she should paint. At the center of her work are always colors, feelings, lights, and hidden sacral secrets.

“We are used to the world we live in, but everything can change at any time. Someday we risk losing the beautiful planet and nature to which we are accustomed. To prevent an impending catastrophe, I try to help raise awareness among people and remind them of the beauty of the Earth and their own nature. Through my art, I try to convey the ancient knowledge that I have studied for over 20 years. I would like future generations to see our planet prosper. I hope my paintings will help people to understand some simple yet profound truths about the universe and our role in it. I hope that my artworks will make people think about who we are, where we came from, and what we are doing to our common home”.


Conceptual Spiritual Paintings. Peaceful Landscapes. and mix of landscapes and spiritual awakening concepts painting. Acrylic on canvas and canvas board.



2021 10th place, 2021 ALL WOMEN ARTIST. Contemporary Art Gallery Online. Middletown, DE, United States

2021 Merit Award, “Seasons” show of Art Room Gallery online Selected for the International juried competition by HelvetArt Galery, Switzerland Selected for the international juried competition “Skies”, an exhibition by Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, USA



Artist Name: Marina Kaverinskih
: Saint Petersburg
Country: Russia
Date of Birth: October 3, 1982


School of Architecture and Design


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