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Mariam Qureshi is self-taught visual artist from Canada, who specializes in contemporary abstract expressionism. Her breathtaking works have been exhibited at the Musée du Louvre (Salon D’art International, Paris 2017) as well as in many other exhibits and galleries around the world from Canada’sown Montreal, Edmonton, and Ottawa to Austria, Switzerland and Germany. 

In 2017 she was awarded as the Ambassador of the Arts by the City of Edmonton, Alberta. As of 2018 Mariam Qureshi has been listed as a “collected artist” under the Modern Art Museum, by the M.A.M.A.G. (Modern Art Museum of Austria).

When she isn’t producing more stunning works, she curates her Studio, Lotus Art Gallery in Edmonton, which operates as a contemporary art gallery for local arts! There have been over 200 artists in Edmonton who have exhibited their works at her gallery since 2016. In the spring of 2018, Mariam was nominated as Edmonton’s Art Muse and in June 2018, she was awarded the  Edmonton Muse Award 2018 for contemporary visual arts. 

Mariam Qureshi paints mostly with palette knives in oil or acrylic paint. Her paintings are usually full of bold spontaneous strokes, freehand imagery, textured abstract movement with layers of rich colors.

Though oil and acrylics are mediums she often paints with, she has a very dynamic range of skills and mediums. She loves to also illustrate her expressions with woodburning and also paints with inks and watercolours. Her pieces are thought provoking and come in various sizes. All have a unique sense of abstract, movement and depth, which she finds satisfies her to create. Most of her pieces are represented by Saatchi Art Gallery and Her Studio. However, her work is often dedicated to an environmental cause, much like with Art for Wildlife, where she will be dedicating 30% towards the Izindlovu Fund, an elephant conservation effort.

She loves to curate, exhibit, find raise with art and teach her students on how to paint. A humble, down to earth artist who loves to share her passion for the arts.

Hope you will enjoy and support her passionate drive to keep painting and keep inspiring others to stay creative. Thank you for the assistance that you are able to provide in her journey.


Visual arts: Contemporary Expressionism (Abstract & Surreal).


Registered Entrepreneur and Curator at Lotus Art Gallery, Edmonton since 2015. ___ Professional Visual Artist at the Modern Museum of Art, Austria since 2017. ___ Ambassador of the arts, Edmonton 2017. ___ Contemporary Visual Artist, Exhibit at the Salon Des Arts, Louvre, Paris 2017. ___ Muse Award Recipient, City of Edmonton  2018. ___ Park Ranger, Elk Island National Park 2019.___ Art Instructor, Edmonton since 2017.


Artist Name: Mariam Qureshi
: Edmonton
Country: Canada
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