Jennylyn Angeles


Jennylyn or Jenn, was the eldest daughter of Barry and Perlita Angeles. Her younger sister is Jessielyn, and they were raised in Municipality of Sta. Maria, Bulacan. 

Her Father was a self taught architect, construction supervisor, building up residential houses and small business establishments while her mother was a full time housewife. She grew up together with her father’s relatives. Her childhood was spent together with their cousins and uncles and aunts. She got interested in arts when she saw her father creating floor plans and house designs on various projects he was contracting. She started drawing cartoon characters printed on playing cards using a pencil, later on she tried to paint using poster paints. on various school works. 

Her interest in arts never faded even though she was not able to pursue up a degree related to arts. She took up a degree in Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship. Later on took a job as an accountant but eventually lost interest, due to the high expectations asked of by her superiors. She realized that the job she has was not fit for her because she always new that she was an artist by heart. 

She eventually got back to creating masterpieces during the pandemic, even though a long time has passed when the last she made an art. The flame in her heart for Arts, grew bigger and stronger, finally her dream came through. She is now accepting commissioned works, mainly for abstract works, stunning scenery and nature using an Acrylic medium but still trying other mediums to widen his range of work and mastery.


Abstract/Acrylic Medium

Jennylyn Angeles Profile Picture

Artist Name: Cloud
: Sta. Maria, Bulacan
Country: Philippines
Date of Birth: 28 July 1995


BS Entrepreneurship


30 March 2021

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