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Ismaël Tamek is a young Ivorian visual artist born on February 24, 1988. Self-taught Ismael discovers himself in early painting through life events and situations that force to cogitate. Known painter’s workshop from the sub-region, advice to the predecessors, research and inner travel have allowed Ismaël to stand out through artistic creations rich in meaning and forcing the admiration of Art Lovers to make it introduce to the world.

Djiré mahé says: I adopted Ishmael in my workshop I quickly realized that I adopted a thoughtful creative genius, from our collaboration came a unique alchemy that I cannot describe. No doubt the sub-region through their gallery and collector did not they have echoes of this seed promising, yes. The loom gallery, artist alliance gallery, denygba, off road, Gugel gallery and others have already seen the artist’s works hung in their local. Events and cultural activities succeed Ismaël continue his path while keeping in mind where his inspiration comes from, Ishmael confides in us: worries, alas worries, I do not know if you know this kind of feeling. Since my birth I have never really felt well at my place in this society, as if I came from somewhere else. Always head in the stars, I see details that the majority of people do not see or well do not want to see. Always set back from others to constantly observe and analyze what surround me. This uncontrollable need to “change the world” and this feeling of having a “mission” as highly developed extra sensory abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, innate internal knowledge) and then this thirst to learn more and more, to want to grow every second ! Not to put up with injustice. Hypersensitive and filled with empathy for all living things in the world which is very hard to live sometimes…

Indeed “In this world where life is no longer sacred, where hunger and poverty are widespread and or disasters natural grow more and more, people take themselves a hope that things will get better. Iniquity is growing and solidarity is rare. What drives the human being to act in this way ? It has a big void in his heart, he cannot explain his conduct ; he only knows that he is looking for someone chosen, and in his frantic courtyard to find meaning he hurts himself and his entourage. He is not happy, but what does till miss ? He lives in a permanent state of despair, he is deeply dissatisfied: none of this that he acquires does not seem sufficient to him, so he strays into the tangle of his desires he sinks into the chaos.

It is these human conditions that I pour on my canvases. I failed a externalize my emotions through words, so I convey my message through my works that listen to me and obey me. Between they and I there is no betrayal, there is harmony. I believe that these frozen ideas that transmit my feelings will touch my fellow men.


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Several collections and individual exhibitions in sub-Saharan Africa, in Europe and recently in Morocco. Several times winner of competitions and possibly in my country.


Artist Name: Ismael Tamek
: Casablanca
Country: Morocco
Date of Birth: February 24, 1988




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