Dennis Poitras


Visual art has been my inspiration and consolation since the age of five. My grandfather was an accomplished oil painter, my mother a gifted craft person, and my father a trained draftsman and talented musician. They were my role models more than they were my teachers. I never took any art lessons and there were no art school scholarships available in the underfunded city of my birth.


I’ve invented my own 3-D artform which consists of found and recycled objects mounted in sturdy shadow-box frames. Family, friends and acquaintances often think twice before throwing things away. Hence, I’m occasionally gifted with a bag or box of broken toys, rusty watches, junk-jewelry, or dusty knick-knacks—useless stuff that was heading to the landfill. I also regularly deprive beaches and parking lots of unidentifiable ocean-worn scraps of plastic, glass and interesting odd bits of seashells and driftwood, known as flotsam & jetsam.

The following quote fits me like a glove: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” There are three themes running throughout my creations: Mystery, Beauty and Fun. Folks often chuckle or at least smile at my work. This makes me feel that I’ve done my job.

I wish the photos of my art were clearer but my camera chooses to focus on objects in the foreground while blurring things in the background. They are much better to look at on a wall, preferably yours, and if purchased, you’ll be helping to clean up the environment.


Numerous one-man and group art shows in New Mexico, Texas, Oregon, California, Florida, and Massachusetts. Hundreds of my art-works are privately owned throughout the USA. I always manage to sell my work despite remaining under the radar and, for the most part, despite not belonging to any prominent art gallery. What continues to keep me going as a creative artist is people’s positive feedback and repetitive sales, of course.


Artist Name: Den Poitras
: Ashburnham
Country: United States
Date of Birth: August 17, 1950


Following high school, self-taught.


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