Brigitte Reters


Brigitte Reters was born in Germany. She started painting in the 90th as an autodidact. A lot of her inspirations are influenced by Bauhaus artists. Rule breaking movement that changed art of the 20th century completely. For her that represents freedom to express feelings, ideas emotions without respecting any limits, transgressing. Just experiencing freely with forms, colours, materiales, structures, a way to portray her inner world. She loves music, specially Jazz music, that inspires her greatly when creating a new artwork. She mainly uses acrylic, but experimenting always with other techniques and tools. In 98 she has her first exhibition in Tenerife, and before leaving the island she has a second exhibition with a lot success selling nearly all her paintings. In 1999 she travels to Thailand to live there for a year. The lush vegetation, light and colours give her new inspirations and she creates a great number of very colourful paintings, lots of them were sold through her website and art auctions on the internet. In 2000 she returns to the South of Spain and never stops with her passion for painting. In 2001 she has 2 exhibitions in Malaga and she has been participating in joint exhibitions on Art fairs in Germany. Always inspired by music, nature, colours and structures she has now started to promote her new artwork on the internet again. Her latest paintings are more chromatic than ever. A flash of colour nuances, structures and figures that give the observer the all options to dive into her artwork and discover new things every day.


Acrylic, aquarrelles, pigments mixed techniques


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Artist Name: Brigitte Reters
: Mijas
Country: Spain
Date of Birth: Not provided




April 17, 2021