Angelo Gullotta


Born in Catania Sicily, I attend the Artisitco high school, and following the art academy.  I graduated in painting, graphics and sculpture, after the academy. Then I took another path, completely out of the artistic panorama. I attended the navy academy, graduated as young officer and entered the special forces. So I am thus baptized, in various war scenarios like Lebanon, Somalia, Kosovo, Bosnia, etc. But I have never abandoned art, photographing, drawing, in my free time, painting In 1998 , I was transferred to New York, where by pure chance I know a gallery owner, and invited to his gallery. I sold quite well and after that moved to Portugal where I live now. I have done several exhibitions, with excellent results. Now I have a lot of free time, and I dedicate myself with greater commitment to art, including sculptures, graphics and oils. I have done several exhibitions in Rome, Lisbon, New York, Paris and London, Being an animal lover (I have 10 dogs and 3 horses), I want to help nature.


Sculpture, oil, graphics


I made several works in New York, Rome and Lisbon. In Rome sculptures in a famous restaurant, in New York the complete drawing of a pizzeria. I made drawings on furniture, counters and a large mural.


Artist Name: Guan
: Lamas
Country: Portugal
Date of Birth: October 2, 1963


Art school, Art academy


April 17, 2021