Artists for Wildlife

If you are an artist or art owner, looking for a platform to expose and sell your work, while contributing to wildlife conservation, then Art for Wildlife is definitely for you.

We offer each artist a profile page and a dedicated page for each piece of art, free of charge. See the list below for artists who already have a profile page.

The sale price is split between the artist (65%), the platform (5%) and wildlife conservation (30%) projects managed by Izindlovu Fund.

Benefits for Artists

  • We promote your work while you are creative
  • You receive a free Artist page and detail page for each piece of art
  • You reach new audience through Art for Wildlife and our Social Media
  • You will be known as an artist who contributes to wildlife

More than 50 artists have requested a listing so far. The following artists already have a listing online, to show you how it works. Once we launch, an online catalog of artists and their work will be available. You will be able to search by price, name, country and so on.

See How Art for Wildlife works and How the buy process works for more info